cannot update windows server 2012/R2/windows 8/8.1 from wsus 

* Upgrade to WSUS SP2.

* Install the updates KB2720211 and KB 2734608.

* Restart the server and the issue will be fixed.

In case you are not able to install any of the above KB’s  ,

Check for help in the log file in location


If you find the error message ” a network related or instance specific error occured while establishing a connection to sql server. The seever was not found or was not accessible.Verify that the instance name is correct and the sql server is configured to allow remote connections.provider : named pipes provider , error :40 – could not open a connection to sql server” follow the steps below

1. Open Sql Management Studio from Start – All Programs.

2. Are you able to login to sql with the same account you are logged into the computer. If no, then login to sql with the available user and password and add the windows login user to sql login.

* Expand Security

* Expand Logins

* Right click and select “New Login”.

* In the General tab – Enter the login name , select windows authentication.

* In the Server Roles – select the required roles.

* In the User Mapping – Select the database from the list to which the user should have access to.

* Click OK.

3. Login to SQL Management Studio with the new login. Just to check.

4. If you are able to login, then go ahead and install the KB,s .


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