Enable MSS in local security policy(secpol.msc) on Windows Server 2012 R2

1.       Download Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (133mb).

2.       Install it on a Windows Server 2008R2 server.(Other OS could also be used. I am sharing my experience J)

3.       Install Microsoft Security Compliance Manager on the windows 2008R2 server.

4.       Browse to the folder c:\programfiles(x86)\microsoft Security Compliance Manager\LGPO

5.       Copy the LocalGPO.msi to Windows Server 2012 R2 and install it (Ignore the warnings).

a)      Browse to the folder c:\programfiles(x86)\LGPO\

b)      Open the file LocalGPO.wsf and search for 6.2 .

c)       There should be 2 entries. Replace 6.2 with 6.3 in both entries and save the file.

d)      Open command-linehere.cmd.

e)      Insert the command cscript LocalGPO.wsf /configSCE .

6.       Open secpol.msc .

7.       Browse to Security Settings – Local Policies – Security Options – Scroll down to see MSS .


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