IIS on windows 7 – Links and pictures doesnot work/load

For Example :

1. D:\website is the root folder where all pages of the local website resides.
2. D:\website\iisstart.htm would be the main page.
3. D:\website\troubleshoot.htm be another page
4. D:\website\troubleshooting will be a folder under which other html pages like test1.htm, test2.htm resides. There is a home button which takes you the home page iisstart.htm.
5. D:\website\pictures be another folder under which pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg resides.

When you click on home button in test1.htm nothing happens
Solution : Reference the link like <a href=”..\iisstart.htm”>Home</a>
..\references to the home directory of the webpage (d:\website).

When you load the page test1.htm the pictures does not load

Solution : Reference the link like <img src=”..\pictures\1.jpg” height=”700″ width=”900″>
..\ references to the pictures folder in the home directory (d:\website).


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