Move local users from Windows Server 2003 to windows server 2008R2/Windows Server 2012R2

Unfortunately to move local user accounts from windows server, we cannot use USMT.


To move local user accounts and the groups associated with each user account.
Source : Windows server 2003 sp2
Destination : Windows Server 2012 R2


In 2012 server, install the feature ” windows server migration tools”
browse to c:\windows\system32\servermigrationtools\
Execute the below command
.\smigdeploy.exe /package /architecture x86 /os WS03 /path c:\deploy

Now copy the c:\deploy to 2003 server

In the 2003server, open command prompt, browse to c:\smt_ws03_x86 and execute the below command
Wait till it opens a powershell window.

In the powershell window, run the below command
export-smigserversetting -user all -group -path c:\win2k3users

Copy c:\win2k3users folder to 2012 server.

In 2012 Server
Open server manager – Tools – Windows Server Migration Tools – Windows Server Migration Tools – This will open a powershell window

Run the below command
Import-SmigServerSetting -User All -Group -Path c:\win2k3users –Verbose

Now all users are imported.
After import, all user accounts will be disabled.All the user accounts migrated will have no password associated. You can login without any password . Remember to enable password for all required accounts.


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