Sccm console fails to launch or connect to site for the first time after migrating sql database OR The Configuration Manager console cannot connect to the Configuration Manager site database.

Recently we came across the issue that the sccm console from server and client pcs’s fails to connect to site for the first time. It will give the below error. 

“The Configuration Manager console cannot connect to the Configuration Manager site database. Verify the following:

• This computer has network connectivity to the SMS Provider computer.

• Your user account has Remote Activation permission on the Configuration Manager site server and the SMS Provider computer.

• The Configuration Manager console version is supported by the site server.

• You are assigned to at least one role-based administration security role.

• You have the following WMI permissions to the Root\SMS and Root\SMS\site_<site code> namespaces: Execute Methods, Provider Write, Enable Account, and Remote Enable.”

To give a brief idea on what happened,

  • Prior to database migration the SMS provider was installed on the database server.
  • During migration MSSUPPORT moved the SMS provider to application/site server.
  • After successfull migration, when we try to launch the console we can see that it was trying to connect to old database and then it fails.

The below steps were done by MSSUPPORT to remove the old instance name from the sms provider list.

  •  Checked logs file SMSAdminUI.log
  •  No errors
  • Connected to SCCM server 
  • Clicked “Connect to Site”
  • Clicked on SCCM primary site proprieties
  • Found that there was two SMS provider” as looks like the reinstall Provider on SCCM server and before was on old SQL server
  • Closed opened SCCM Console 
  • Opened Wbemtest
  • Checked WMI & connected to Root\SMS
  • Clicked on “Enum Classes” then clicked “Recursive”
  • Double clicked on SMS_Providorlocaiton ()
  • Opened instance 
  • We can see two Providers
  • Selected old provider and deleted old provider 

 Opened SCCM console and it opened directly to site


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