Installing & Configuring URLScan on windows servers

Download and install URLScan. Installation is straightforward. You do not need to consult any document.

Two main files (Urlscan.dll and Urlscan.ini) that we need for configuring URLScan is by default located in the folder C:\Windows\System32\Inersrv\urlscan\

By default after installation, URLScan will be configured as a global filter, ie in IIS on the top level. So the filter will be applied on all sites created in IIS. 

The other way is to apply URLScan 3.1 filter on individual site level. In that way you can configure urlscan filter for individual sites. 

For example you have 2 sites, site1 and site2 under IIS.

Open IIS and on the right hand side, open feature “ISAPI Filters”. You will see URLScan 3.1. Remove the filter.

Copy URLScan.ini and URLScan.dll from c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\urlscan\

Now right click site1 and select “browse” and paste URLScan.ini and URLScan.dll. Edit URLScan.ini according to your hardening requirements.
Now open ISAPI filter for site1 and add urlscan filter. Name : URLScan and path: path-to-site1 and move it to the top of the list. You can select ordered list and use up arrow to move urlscan to top pf list.

Restart IIS. 

Similarly you can do it for site2.

You can edit URLScan.ini to point a log directory, so that any failed url’s will be registered.


Binding type is empty when creating a new website on IIS in windows

Start – run – appwiz.cpl – Select ” Turn windows features on or off “.
Uncheck windows process activation service.
Uncheck Internet Information Service(IIS).
After both features are removed, restart windows .
Install windows process activation service.
Install Internet Information Service(IIS).

Create a website.

IIS on windows 7 – Links and pictures doesnot work/load

For Example :

1. D:\website is the root folder where all pages of the local website resides.
2. D:\website\iisstart.htm would be the main page.
3. D:\website\troubleshoot.htm be another page
4. D:\website\troubleshooting will be a folder under which other html pages like test1.htm, test2.htm resides. There is a home button which takes you the home page iisstart.htm.
5. D:\website\pictures be another folder under which pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg resides.

When you click on home button in test1.htm nothing happens
Solution : Reference the link like <a href=”..\iisstart.htm”>Home</a>
..\references to the home directory of the webpage (d:\website).

When you load the page test1.htm the pictures does not load

Solution : Reference the link like <img src=”..\pictures\1.jpg” height=”700″ width=”900″>
..\ references to the pictures folder in the home directory (d:\website).