Local user last logon time and date in windows – Command

net user username | findstr “logon”

To get all details,

net user username


Windows Server update services – Troubleshooting

  1. Telnet wsus server on port 80 (default) or other as per your environment.
  2. Check windows update log in the location c:\windows\windowsupdate.log
  3. Check if the group policy is correct , gpedit.msc – Local Computer Policy – Computer Comfiguration – Administrative Templates – Windows Components – Windows update –  a)check “specify intranet microsoft update service location” – It should point to your wsus server and the port number should be correct b) Check if “client-side targeting is enabled” (If enabled, the computer will appear under the group name mentioned in wsus server, if not enabled ignore).
  4. Check the proxy settings.
  5. Check firewall.
  6. Delete the software distribution folder from the location c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and run the command wuauclt.exe /detectnow.

Move local users from Windows Server 2003 to windows server 2008R2/Windows Server 2012R2

Unfortunately to move local user accounts from windows server, we cannot use USMT.


To move local user accounts and the groups associated with each user account.
Source : Windows server 2003 sp2
Destination : Windows Server 2012 R2


In 2012 server, install the feature ” windows server migration tools”
browse to c:\windows\system32\servermigrationtools\
Execute the below command
.\smigdeploy.exe /package /architecture x86 /os WS03 /path c:\deploy

Now copy the c:\deploy to 2003 server

In the 2003server, open command prompt, browse to c:\smt_ws03_x86 and execute the below command
Wait till it opens a powershell window.

In the powershell window, run the below command
export-smigserversetting -user all -group -path c:\win2k3users

Copy c:\win2k3users folder to 2012 server.

In 2012 Server
Open server manager – Tools – Windows Server Migration Tools – Windows Server Migration Tools – This will open a powershell window

Run the below command
Import-SmigServerSetting -User All -Group -Path c:\win2k3users –Verbose

Now all users are imported.
After import, all user accounts will be disabled.All the user accounts migrated will have no password associated. You can login without any password . Remember to enable password for all required accounts.